Handmade solar car

An unusual article in The Hindu newspaper caught my eye this morning. This solar vehicle was designed and built by a local Bangalore businessman.

Inspired by the design of auto-rickshaws, it was handmade from local materials, many sourced from scrap metal yards. It cost about AUD$1800 to build and is soon to be driven on a 2000km road trip from Bangalore to New Delhi, as a show of support for anti-corruption activist, Anna Hazare. The vehicle’s maximum daily range is 100km, travelling on battery backup, and the maximum speed is 30km/h.

Who would fancy taking it out for a spin?

Solar car in Bangalore


3 thoughts on “Handmade solar car

    • Isn’t it great to see one person taking the initiative to create this!

      Unfortunately, the article did not mention the specifications of the panel system. The only technical information mentioned was that the battery backup comprised 4 batteries, each of 12V/ 100AH. If you are interested to know more, the article included contact details for the inventor, Mr Syed Sajjad Ahmed, from Lunar Electronics, +91 9845 229757 or solarahmed1@yahoo.com.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Thank you very much Jenny for your response

        Well it is great to see an individual doing it but the knowledge of solar should not be limited to such individuals and should grow exponential so that people may be more aware about how to cut pollution and go green. This is our motto at ADS to impart knowledge. Do visit our company’s website http://www.adsprojects.co

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