One man’s legacy and a future of our choosing – David Suzuki

While I’m still here in Canada, I thought that it might be appropriate to take some inspiration from world-renowned Canadian scientist, broadcaster, environmentalist, and author, David Suzuki.

In his book and lecture, “The Legacy”, Suzuki explores the notion, “If I had one last lecture to give, what would I say?” The result is both insightful and confronting; heartwarming and honest. 

“The biggest challenge humanity faces in carving a better future is to reimagine how we perceive the world, our place within it, and our highest priorities. By creating a vision of what must be, we then determine the way we act.”

What are your thoughts? How can we, as a society, ensure that we take the time to purposefully reimagine our world? Do you have a vision of your future community that you’d like to share? What values drive how you live?


4 thoughts on “One man’s legacy and a future of our choosing – David Suzuki

  1. Great quote, and I agree that we have to re-evaluate our place within nature. The highest priority is to move away from the short-sighted practices that exploit and threaten our natural resources. We have to realise that the forests and oceans, plants and animals, are worth far more to us in tact, healthy and in their natural state.

    • I agree Darren – thanks for your comment. I guess the main challenge is that the way that we value things at the moment doesn’t reflect the true cost or benefit of an activity. Because many of the things that matter to us most as a society are difficult to value quantitatively, they are considered to have no value in our current economic system. Of course, our natural systems also have an additional intrinsic value that cannot be accounted for economically. It is definitely a wicked problem…

  2. I’m a big fan of Suzuki, especially in his older, wiser, and more reflective years.

    What a great quote. I think we’ll need to harness our creativity and imagination in order to create that vision of a more resilient, sustainable and prosperous future.

    • Thanks for contributing your thoughts, Isaac – I completely agree.

      I think we need to shake things up a bit and challenge our assumptions about how things should work and what is possible. I think Suzuki brings a great perspective to these issues, especially because he must have seen such substantial change over the course of his lifetime.

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