Out of the box…shipping container homes in India?

Recently, a friend put me onto a feature in the National Geographic about Shipping Container homes, particularly a university dormitory in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Photograph by Ton Koene, Hollandse Hoogte/Redux

I love the versatility, modularity and recycling embodied in the design and I started thinking about the possible applications of such structures in India. Could they be used there to create more affordable housing options?

Whether in densely populated cities, such as Mumbai and Delhi, where space is at an absolutely premium, or in rural villages, where the shipping container could provide more durability than current, more temporary, structures?

With a bit more research, I came across a house in Bangalore that is built from shipping containers by Container Solutions India, and it is apparently the first one of its kind in India!

Bangalore Shipping Container home

What do you think is the potential of this type of modular development in India?

Are there some innovative uses for it? Perhaps fold out retail stores in villages and residential extensions?


8 thoughts on “Out of the box…shipping container homes in India?

  1. i like this idea….hi i am jaimin and i am currently doing my architectural thesis on container homes…it can be great solution for low cost housing in india

    • Hi Jaimin, thanks for reading & good luck with your thesis. It’s great to know that Indian research is occurring on such shipping container homes. What is your experience of them and how do you think they could best be used?

  2. I have gone through several designs and I would liek to built one in future for myself too. However I am bit worried about the legal complications of these kind of homes in India. Is it approved by the building and plan authorities?

    • That is great to hear. Unfortunately I am unsure of the specific building and planning approvals that are required for such structures here in India. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to contact others who have built such structures, such as Container Solutions India? Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance.

  3. Are there any problems in such types of buildings because I have seen many such designs and want to implement them too ..but there are some structural problems with it please guide me

    • Hi Prabhu, Thanks so much for your interest and for taking the time to comment. My personal interest is in the environmental benefits of reusing such containers in residential/commercial structures, but I’m not a structural engineer, so I can’t advise you on any specific construction requirements or problems. Good luck in your search and I hope you are able to one day create such a structure!

  4. Me going through lot of such designs..They are truly awesome.Easy to built,long lasting,cost efficient and much more…The common mans dream of own house can be easily attained,Love to see more such homes in India.Me planning to built one for myself in coming years.

    • It’s great to hear that you appreciate the benefits of such buildings. It is definitely a cost effective way for everyone to build a home and it would be great to see more homes like this across India. All the best if you do decide to build one yourself!

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