Exploring Bangalore: with a local freelance photographer

It is always a challenge moving to a new city when you don’t have an initial group of contacts, such as colleagues, fellow interns or other students. This is the situation I find myself in at the moment, as I am working on independent NGO and consulting projects.

I decided that I really needed to meet more people, so when I discovered the blog of a local freelance photographer I decided to contact her. Having only recently moved to Bangalore herself, she was keen to meet up and I was lucky enough to join her and some friends as they went out shooting (or “clicking” in the local lingo) in Bangalore for an assignment.


Metallic lines

Colourful footpath

Curious onlookers

Out of the blue…

Street cricket

Outside the fence…


It was great to explore some new parts of town and I’m looking forward to joining them again soon. It was nice, for once, to not feel as though I was slowing everyone up with my photography. In fact, I was heartened to see the others stopping and taking photos of the rather mundane (but interesting…) things that I like to photograph, including colourful doorways, posters and sometimes even cows on the street!


8 thoughts on “Exploring Bangalore: with a local freelance photographer

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    • Thanks for stopping by Paul. There is definitely no shortage of colour in India to photograph! You are doing some very interesting things over on your blog. I definitely make good use of my smartphone for photography over here. In some situations it makes me feel a lot less conspicuous…

      • Agreed, the smart phone is often times much less obtrusive. Thanks for taking a look at my blog as well. Looking forward to your future posts.

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