Connections over Chai: Interview Series coming soon!

Connections over Chai is an interview series that I am starting soon at Spinning the Green Wheel. I will delve into the passions and careers of professionals working to solve the world’s environmental and social issues – be they environmental scientists, policy practitioners, NGO specialists or sustainability consultants.

The environmental sector is not without its stereotypes, and I hope to shatter some of those by featuring inspiring people from all over the world who have diverse backgrounds and experience. From teachers, architects and investment bankers; to community development workers, lawyers and professors.

We will find out all about…

  • How they got into the environmental or social sector
  • What is most fulfilling about their current role
  • Which experiences have shaped their worldview today
  • How living and working overseas has changed their approach to work
  • Where they see themselves in the next 5 years
  • What advice they would give to people wanting to work in the sector
  • How they “do their bit” environmentally

Are you passionate about the environment or curious about working in the environmental sector? Or just interested to read some fascinating stories from people living boldly? Then  look out for the first Connections over Chai interview in coming weeks!

Also, please get in touch with me at jenny (at) if you know someone with unique experiences they would be willing to share. Thanks!


One man’s legacy and a future of our choosing – David Suzuki

While I’m still here in Canada, I thought that it might be appropriate to take some inspiration from world-renowned Canadian scientist, broadcaster, environmentalist, and author, David Suzuki.

In his book and lecture, “The Legacy”, Suzuki explores the notion, “If I had one last lecture to give, what would I say?” The result is both insightful and confronting; heartwarming and honest. 

“The biggest challenge humanity faces in carving a better future is to reimagine how we perceive the world, our place within it, and our highest priorities. By creating a vision of what must be, we then determine the way we act.”

What are your thoughts? How can we, as a society, ensure that we take the time to purposefully reimagine our world? Do you have a vision of your future community that you’d like to share? What values drive how you live?