One man’s legacy and a future of our choosing – David Suzuki

While I’m still here in Canada, I thought that it might be appropriate to take some inspiration from world-renowned Canadian scientist, broadcaster, environmentalist, and author, David Suzuki.

In his book and lecture, “The Legacy”, Suzuki explores the notion, “If I had one last lecture to give, what would I say?” The result is both insightful and confronting; heartwarming and honest. 

“The biggest challenge humanity faces in carving a better future is to reimagine how we perceive the world, our place within it, and our highest priorities. By creating a vision of what must be, we then determine the way we act.”

What are your thoughts? How can we, as a society, ensure that we take the time to purposefully reimagine our world? Do you have a vision of your future community that you’d like to share? What values drive how you live?